Bridgewood Customs Brokerage Service Inc.

Let our advanced worrying become your advanced thinking & planning.


Bridgewood is a uniqute Full Service Management and Customs Brokerage Service company which offers not only US & Cdn Customs Brokerage at a competitive price, but also offers a package of services which covers all aspects of your shipments requirements in order to make your importing and/or exporting requirements as simple and invisible to you on a day to day basis. In a sense we act as your off site Traffic Department. The unique process we offer is to manage any aspect of your shipments to any location with in Canada and the USA.

The following are the General Steps of any shipment:

  1. Transportation Setup
  2. Customs Documentation
  3. Customs Brokerage

We can provide you with all or any combination of these services to best suit you specifi needs. Our goal is to give you a distinct competitive edge in today's rapidly changing international trade environment.

We provide all the necessary tools to make your shipping as seamless as possible and if there is any facet of your companies operation with which you wish to improve on, let our expertise do the work for you. We will customize a plan to best suit your specific needs.